AARA Solutions offers everything you need to make sure your business systems work like a well-oiled machine. This is the Computer Age, not the Dark Ages. With the amount of innovation, intelligence, and high technology available to businesses, there should never be a reason to struggle.

In these modern times we create documents by speaking aloud; we accomplish tasks by waving at (or just touching) our screens; we now have artificial intelligence programs which are starting to predict our needs before we even know about them ourselves.

Everyone should be happy to use that technology to simplify our lives. Now let's make the best use of what else is available out there!

AARA Solutions can provide user interface (UI) designs that reflect your company's branding, and that helps you connect with your customers. We can make sure your UI designs are both responsive and compatible with the Mobile Tools that people are using. But it doesn't stop there…

We can help with:
Workflow development
Workflow Automation with Nintex Forms
K2 Forms Development, Workflow, and Data & Systems
Intranet/Internet Portals
InfoPath Forms, or alternately, even easier Kwizcom Forms
Customized Applications
Power Business Intelligence Reports Development
Performance Point/Power Pivot/SSRS Development
SharePoint Business Connectivity Services
Efficient Search
Server Security
We would love to show you how to get away from obnoxious, day-to-day maintenance, and get on with the real business of Business that makes you a success.

  • Branding UI Design
  • Workflow Development
  • Intranet / Internet Portals
  • Responsive / Mobile UI design
  • Custom Application Development
  • Performance Point / BI Reports

Office 365

Office 365

By incorporating Office 365, you eliminate incompatibility problems because everybody is using the same program all the time. When software services are delivered through the Cloud you gain consistency and smooth operations. We can help you make the Migration from locally maintained software to Office 365.

When using any centrally located software, upgrades are done one time on your real, virtual, or cloud-based server. After that, everyone uses that single copy, eliminating incompatibilities. This frees up your IT department to do the truly important things that advance your business.

If you have a sales force out on the road, for example, they no longer have to come into the office for obligatory software upgrades. You can lose hundreds of hours of productivity per year rolling out software to multiple employees.

  • Office 365 Migration Services
  • Migrate from Previous versions of SharePoint
  • Migrate Content from Lotus Notes and Documentum
  • Consulting



Before we're done, we make sure that you know what you are doing. Our training encompasses Server Administration, Server Farm Administration, Business Analysis, Deployment of your services, Best Practices, Consulting, as well as proper Support for your System and Customers.

We want to make sure that you know what you are doing before we consider the job complete.

  • Server and Farm Adminstraion
  • Business Analysis
  • Training
  • Deployment
  • Best Practices
  • Support